6 Corporations control the media and all of the information broadcasted. The average American Adult watches more than 4 hours of TV a day.

TELL-A-VISION is very harmful to cognitive development. They actually tell you this all the time and then do everything in their power to keep you watching. Who is THEY? Listen to this podcast to find out more.

Studies have shown the harm of children watching TV. For example, 40% of 3 month olds are regular tv watchers. A third of all 3 year olds in America have a TV in their bedrooms. The average child spends nearly 45 hours a week watching TV and consuming other forms of media via screens. Kids aged 6 to 11 spend about 30 hours a week watching TV. Research shows that this leads to problems learning, problems at school, drug, alcohol and tobacoo use, obesity, inappropriate sexual behavior. Children need to interact with their environment and the people around them in order to develop healthy cognitive function. The average child would have witnessed at least 12000 violent acts including murder and rape by the end of grade school and 14000 sexual acts. By age 18 those figures go up beyond 200,000 acts. By the time a child graduates more time has been spent watching TV than living in a way to facilitate the learning of necessary life lessons or in a classroom. Advertisers target kids and they witness 10’s of thousands of commercials every year. Children on average are exposed to 2000 Beer and Wine ads each year – they are watching their favorite tv characters drinking, smoking and involved in sexual situations. Thousands of studies on the impact of violence in the media has shown that kids who watch violent films have trouble developing empathy and will develop aggressive behavior, nightmares and fear of being harmed. 2/3 of TV programming made specifically for children contains more violent and sexual themes than even the programs for adults. In many of these programs there is never a consequence for these behaviors. TV glamorizes violence and sexual acts and it is promoted as being fun or humorous. University of Michigan conducted a 15 year long study that concluded that watching violence on TV affects a child’s ability to decide whether to help someone else in need. The study also found a direct link between tv violence and overly aggressive behavior in adulthood. Apart from sex and violence the next most commonly recurring themes are drug use, satanic worship or dark magic and hating God. Let’s also mention the misinformation and attacks on race and gender stereotypes & ideologies.

In children before the age of 3, The flickering of the TV and the sequencing of the programming preconditions the mind to expect high levels of input which creates attention problems later in life. Reality simply does not measure up to what’s on the screen. 2 hours of tv a day before the age of 3 is 20% more likely to have attention problems at age 7 compared to a child who watched no tv. This is a perfect example of how they package TV shows up for children under the guise of learning and it does the exact opposite for the child’s development. Children absolutely need to have interactive learning for proper brain development and this is largely due to the number of synapses in the brain – a child has twice as many as an adult, because it helps adapt and learn all the information needed for survival much quicker. As the child interacts with the environment it develops new myelin sheaths as neural pathways fire and this strengthens those pathways. At around age 6/7 an enzyme is released in to the brain which dissolves all of the myelin sheaths which have been poorly developed. So when a child is in fron of a TV there is no real interaction, therefore they are not developing strong cognitive function.

So let’s talk about what happens in the rest of us. The brain cycles through different brainwave states or levels of consciousness daily.

Delta, deep sleep and in delta we can access higher consciousness directly as well as out of body experiences. When people are not able to access this level of consciousness in sleep they become prone to mental breakdowns and eventually death. Theta, light sleep, lucid dreaming, trance or visions. Alpha is relaxation and meditation or hypnosis can take us to deep levels of alpha which take us to the gateway of the subconscious mind where we can access everything that is usually hidden from the conscious mind, Beta is high functioning activity.

In less than 60 seconds the brain switches brainwave states. When you are in alpha brainwave you are more suggestible because you transition out of beta, which is the logical brain state. The effects of television on the brain have been studied for decades and here’s what the research says. The frontal lobe is bypassed within minutes of watching TV – the activity goes to ZERO. The frontal lobe is home to the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for spirituality, morality, willpower, impulse control, future thinking and analysis – its the home of consciousness and it is the decision making part of the brain.

TV suppresses the frontal lobe within 90 seconds. The effects of this even cause people to feel depressed and anxious due to the decrease in activity in the frontal lobe. So when you are watching a movie, the brain is trying to process 20 or more images rapidly moving every second and in order to do that, it can’t do anything else, so the prefrontal cortex has to be deactivated. That’s why you “get lost” in a good movie. In a test done on 5400 movie watchers 82 percent of them mis interpreted what they just watched. And even worse, because the prefrontal cortex is shut off, even if you are laughing or crying or disagree with the information, you are blindly accepting the input in to your brain and you cannot override the information. Your limbic system, which cant tell the difference between what is real or on a screen is activated because the prefrontal cortex isn’t logically processing it and it throws you in to fight or flight and creates stress in the body.
A lot of what is on the TV is too much to process in the brain and on an emotional level so when the commercials come on you are twice as screwed because they are also based in the feeling you get from the product and not the actual product in it self. Literally every way that tv programming is presented is to overwhelm the brain and keep you in the lower emotional states and lowest brain wave states because when you can do this then you are easy to control. The slogan is this “Sell by emotions, justify by logic.” Get you to feel, tell you why you should do or have or be this thing.
TV puts you in such a hypnotic state and hypnosis is essentially an overwhelming of the system so that it shuts off and allows a new idea to be accepted. If you continue to experience the emotion and then a justification of something enough times then that’s how you can implant a whole new belief system. A lot of people are honestly convinced that TV doesn’t affect them and that’s usually the hallmark of brainwashing and hypnotic manipulation. The reason why you like a film or tv show or the news is because you like what you see and what is on the screen is what you subconsciously believe. You never have any choice whether it affects you. The front of your brain literally shuts off – so you aren’t able to reject anything you watch. The information comes in to your brain as one massive chunk, and you are in a high state of suggestibility and any memory, belief or behavior can be implanted. It is the ultimate weapon against consciousness.

Scientific studies since the inception of the Television have continuously proven that watching TV changes the anatomical structure of the brain for the worst.

TV is responsible for:
-Lowering IQ
-Decreasing Verbal Abilities
-Antisocial Behavior
-Poor Mental Health

Studies have proven that TV destroys the frontal lobe, which is the area responsible for critical thinking, future based analysis, spirituality and morality – it is also responsible for language based reasoning. The TV literally degrades brain tissue, regardless of the length of time spent watching TV each day, everyone involved in the studies suffered dire consequences.

The hypothalamus, sensorimotor area, septum and visual cortex also suffer damage as a result of exposure to TV – causing emotional mismanagement, strong feelings of arousal and aggression as well as damage to visual faculties.

– Increased Likelihood of Borderline Personality Disorder
– Depression increases by 8%
– Likelihood of Engaging in Criminal Activity Increases by 27%
– 2 hours of TV increase odds of developing Diabetes by 20%
– 3 hours of TV increase Alzheimer’s risk by 20%
– TV watchers have 7% smaller brains than non TV watchers
– TV degrades brain function in adults leading to Dementia
– TV creates social anxiety in the prefrontal cortex
– TV activates the limbic system and suppresses emotions
– TV causes symptoms of ADHD due to chemical reactions in the brain

TV affects the Brain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw_7CJ5ozaM&t=7s

The subconscious mind loves stories and if you haven’t noticed, your mind tends to bring up memories of your past experiences and future worries coded in stories. Whenever you tell someone what happened or what you think will happen, you have to use a story. This means that a programming mechanism just like the TV is perfect for implanting in to your mind, future scenarios. This is done when the limbic system records, or in psychology terms “encodes” the information you experience emotionally. The subconscious really can’t tell the difference between reality and what is on any screen and so you will begin to move towards any storyline you see. If you look at all of the movies ever made, you will be able to compare real life experiences to that which you see in those movies in some way. Society is literally being programmed to create the outcomes seen in their favorite movies. This is known as “predictive programming”.

As stated earlier, culture (and the way you subconsciously think and behave) is dictated by TV, many of the techniques were used by Nazi’s and many are Marxist tactics. In the 1960s a code for production was developed which stated that 1. The Protagonist and/or antagonist must be divorced 2. The female character must be dominant, overly controlling, violent or one-up the men 3. The male must be aloof, feminized, over-sensitive or cheating. 4. Somewhere in the “family” at least one or more of the immediate members must be a lesbian, gay, bisexual or a radical feminist – often times the women are dressed “manly” in a way that consumers would not necessarily notice/see a problem with it. 5. Mental illness is portrayed as normal, often things like schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. 6. Traditional families and wholesome values are portrayed as dysfunctional and/or abnormal.
Watch this documentary to find out how that works: How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda

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