What is Unconditional Love?
The ability to see someone as a vehicle of consciousness
and still love them in spite of and because of everything
the good, bad and other things that can’t be labelled.

You would be surprised how many people have no concept of what unconditional love is.

Perhaps its their conditioning that has taught them that when this person does/is this particular way for me then I will give them validation in the form of love. Many of us grow up in households with generational barriers which prevent showing appropriate levels of emotion or even validation for being human.

Many of us are also struggling with moments where we were not treated appropriately by someone and so we have a story about what we can or cannot do in the way of giving and receiving love. A lot of us have these prejudices or assumptions about how life should be as opposed to how things really are and those also become barriers to love.

True love begins inside of us. Our world views, beliefs about ourselves, perceptions of other people all cause us to place conditions and rigid rules on to other people.

Example, maybe your parents told you that when you did this thing you were a good boy/girl or maybe when you said or did something you were a bad boy/girl. As a child your thinking was limited and you took it literally so then you grew in to an adult who has succumbed to all or nothing thinking. When kids hear this, they begin to believe they are unlovable in every way so with this perspective we can see how some adults grow in to grumpy, judgmental human beings because they are really transferring their lack of love on to everything they come across.

Unconditional love does not mean that you have to like someone or even agree with them. It means that you meet them where they are at, from a more accepting and tolerant point in your self. You try to understand why they think and act and make certain choices. Could you accept that you also make mistakes and have a lot to learn in your life? If so, then you can apply unconditional love for others.

What is Unconditional Love?

by Oct 19, 2021Mindfulness