“Narcissists are a pleasure to be around. They are wonderful and entertaining. They are the life of the party and can really make you feel good. But God help you if you cross them.” – Dr. Drew Pinsky

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines an epidemic as an affliction affecting a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population and its safe to say that Narcissism has moved beyond that to pandemic status: “occurring over a wide geographic area (such as multiple countries or continents) and typically affecting a significant proportion of the population”.

Narcissism is a huge part of the global CULTure. 1 out of every 10 people in their 20s matches the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder as outlined by the DSM-5.

It is not a physical disease, it is a psycho-cultural affliction. Far beyond what is detailed in the DSM-5 Narcissism has become its own energy structure which is proving more and more difficult to push against as days go by.

Narcissism is not a mental illness, it is a change in behavior and attitudes which reflect global narcissistic cultural values and conditioning. Many who we perceive as narcissistic are simply, on a subconscious level, emulating the herd’s values and behavior, dictated by the powers that shouldn’t be.

SELF LOVE: The kitten who sees itself as a lion in the popular meme is a perfect example of how narcissism is packaged up as fake self love. Narcissism is synonymous with grandiosity, vanity, conceit, self centeredness and arrogance. Identification with memes of this nature are a strong indicator of where true love, respect and values which make a strong character are in fact not present within.

The word narcissism comes from the Greek Myth of Narcissus – a young man who is very attractive and seeks for someone to love. A beautiful nymph Echo comes to love Narcissus and repeats everything he says, and he rejects her so she goes away. Narcissus searches for his perfect mate until one day he notices his own reflection in a river and he stares at his own reflection until he dies.

In this story, it is Narcissus’ values, ideas of self and others, and self love (admiration for self) which causes harm to everyone else and eventually leads to his own death. Narcissism is characterized by a desire to see one’s self as unique, special and entitled. We see a barage of memes preaching that as soon as someone says or does something which reflects anything different from what we think they should say or do FOR US that they are bad and we must cultivate self love and push everyone away who is not like us and who does not agree or match our values. This is leading to the rapid breakdown of relationships across the globe. Divide and rule – one of the most effective control mechanisms of our cult leaders.

“Self love isn’t selfish” is the most popular hypnotic command passed down in the entire new age/personal development/spirituality Psyop. Read my series on Mind Manipulation to learn how meme culture controls you through hypnosis. Self love is in fact good old fashioned self respect which is a state of heart and mind which are congruent.

True self love is self-less. Which means you take lower emotions like fear, guilt, shame, neediness or evasion out of the equation and you are concerned with cultivating respect for who you are at the core – your consciousness. Your values, your strength of character are deeply engrained in you through practicing making the right choices in behaviors, what you put in your body, how you allow others to treat you, how well you communicate and how good you are at preserving the concept of unity. When you respect yourself you will naturally want to act in ways that honor and respect other people.

I AM SPECIAL: The biggest challenge for a narcissistic person is having to constantly maintain the idea of being special. This means the narcissist has to convince himself of his own specialness and then sell that lie to everyone else. They are also deluded by the concept that people must treat them as if they are special. Often times they fabricate scenarios using deception to control or engineer this feeling of specialness.

Narcissists are very skilled at deception. They are often vain, see themselves as superior and have an overly inflated self image. In the same way, many of them pretend to be perpetual victims of life and do not like to be held accountable for anything they think or do. They are easily “triggered” by anything that sounds like taking responsibility and self esteem is a big pain point for them. Narcs are obsessed with material goods that show elevated status, they always turn conversations back around to being about them. They are also skilled manipulators, liars and cheaters. They surround themselves with people who cater to their needs and who make them look good, and they usually have a squad or entourage of people who admire them, cheerlead for them, agree with their behavior and who and do their bidding.

Narcissism is based around I am special versus other people are insignificant and worthless. Narcissists scroll through social media making comments on what people wear. Narcissists are ready to discard people at the slightest hint of difference. They may have friends, however they are not capable of cultivating deep friendships and caring about anything other than preserving the idea of their own specialness. They believe that others exist to meet their needs and that they must have a different person for each specific need. They have zero problems exploiting people to look and feel good.

The Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) was developed in the 1980s by Howard Terry and Robert Raskin at the Institute of Personality Assessment and Research at the University of California at Berkeley. Psychologists use this test to determine narcissistic personality traits in people. The test is designed to pinpoint specific behaviors which indicate a narcissistic personality and the majority of research you find anywhere is based on this NPI. Understanding this scale is a very important part of understanding what narcissism is.

A narcissist will deny being a narcissist and in a very confusing manner admit openly to possessing the traits revealed by the NPI test. All narcissistic traits are essentially inverted applications of certain values and behaviors that appear on the surface to be beneficial or normal.

It is important to highlight that personality traits outlined by the Narcissistic Personality Inventory are not the same as being diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). I’ll say it again, Narcissistic personality traits are inverted, psycho-cultural beliefs, behaviors and values which cause harm to the person and the people experiencing that person. A Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a psychiatric disorder and a pathological level of narcissism.

There are 9 very specific criteria of which at least 5 must be met before a person is given a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The main traits displayed must be grandiosity, lack of empathy and a need for admiration. It is an extreme form of Narcissism. I am not here to specifically address that at this time. What I am here to address is Narcissism via CULTural conditioning.

The concept of narcissism is sold to us as a person who is suffering from low self esteem who has to wear a mask in order to project their grandiosity and specialness as a way of covering their insecurities. This theory is not necessarily true. Many narcissists like themselves a whole lot and see nothing wrong with their ideas of self or others.

The Implicit Association Test was developed by Tony Greenwald of The University of Washington and Mahzarin Banaji of Harvard with the focus on measuring racial prejudice.

Where associations were made between black and white faces paired with words like “Good” or “bad”. This determined whether a person quickly associated a particular skin tone with good or bad, hereby revealing that persons unconscious prejudices towards certain ethnic groups.

This IAT system was later adapted to determine a person’s level of self esteem in relation to themselves and the research shows that people with high self esteem very easily associate themselves with the words GOOD and have a slow reaction time to words like BAD, AWFUL and WRONG.

Results of this test on narcissists show that deep inside they think their behavior and self esteem is just peachy. They found it very easy to associate themselves with the worlds WONDERFUL, GOOD, GREAT, RIGHT and had a tough time associating themselves with the words TERRIBLE, WRONG, BAD or AWFUL.

In short, they showed very little evidence of having low self concept or esteem compared to non-narcissists. Narcissism is not about low self esteem – it is about a high regard for self coupled with a deep disrespect and disregard for other people which fosters poor behaviors and negative attitudes towards intimacy and deep relationships with others.

Narcissistic values don’t just show up out of nowhere. They are implanted in the mind at any age from the media, parents or society at large. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health did a survey on a sample of 35,000 Americans. The participants were asked if at any point in their life they experienced symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They were only asked about the specific symptoms and never informed that they were linked to NPD, so that alarms wouldn’t go off. This resulted in 1 out of 10 people experienced symptoms of NPD.

The source leading to the development of these symptoms on such a grand scale has been linked to the false self esteem movement – comprised of selfies, self love, success/motivational speakers and you guessed it – the plethora of memes talking about the behaviors of narcissists – because now everyone including narcissists believe everyone else is a narcissist and they’ve got the list to prove it. Finger pointing has become the societal norm instead of owning your own garbage behavior.

Both the consumers and creators of porn tend to score pretty high on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory. The global culture of disempowerment has taken over and coerced us all in to thinking that some narcissism is healthy – that being materialistic, successful, self centered, spiritual and vain is actually a good thing. Uploading half/fully naked pictures of yourself to the internet is also deeply narcissistic for ANY purpose, it represents false body positivity, lack of self respect and unfortunately prostitution never will be sexual empowerment. No matter who argues against that. Hundreds of years of psychological research don’t change just because you don’t want to get a job and now have an onlyfans.

The Narcissistic Personality Inventory also drops the bomb on the self proclaimed “self help junkies”. You know the ones. Those allegedly well intentioned folks who have all the Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Sadguru books. These people are so spiritual and they are their own best psychologists. They are vibrational snobs, they shun anything that sounds, looks, feels like pain, because you know…manifesting and shit. They have to be here now…while ignoring all of the real life input trying to spur them in the direction of maturity and strength of character.

The personal development world appeals to people with narcissistic traits because they are not actually interested in the work involved with being a spiritual being having a human experience. Its fun to wear tie-dye and linen and chant mantras all day. They actually lack the faculty of self-motivation that it takes to make minor improvements every day based on deep self reflection. Deep down they believe they have already made it and they operate from key narcissistic traits – the inability to self reflect, take criticism or learn from mistakes. Spiritual narcissism is a big deal these days and goes hand in hand with self love and cut off culture.

Imaginary success is also a big narcissistic trait. Within this context of the self help and spirituality psyop, where everyone is now an energy healer or a coach – imaginary success plays a key role. These are the people who are confused between psychosis and spiritual awareness. They are often talking to guides, which really come to them as the many voices of the ego rambling day in and day out. They adopt all the lingo of the new age movement and are convinced that other people are non playable characters – as if invalidating the existence of someone else wasn’t also a key trait of narcissism.

I KNOW. The favorite statement of people with narcissistic traits. Mature and stable individuals are open to learning new information even when it contradicts and existing belief. Narcissists claim to be so smart that they know things that don’t even exist. In a study on narcissistic personality traits a group was asked to answer 150 questions, which included 30 made up items. Of course, the narcissists claimed to know all of those things, including the fake facts. This category of narcissism also includes the people who ask you a question and then when you answer, they say they know that already. Then why did they ask?

Narcissism has grown throughout the decades first sprouting in the 1960s. Much of this phenomenon was birthed from the “self esteem movement”. Abraham Maslow created his hierarchy of needs which positioned “self actualization” at the top – a fundamental human need which he stated very few people truly achieve because it is the hardest to reach. Self esteem is below this need and is somewhat easier to strive for and therefore acquire.

Nathaniel Branden’s book The Psychology of Self Esteem, first published in 1969 was the first building block to the fake self love, empty self esteem which went on to breed a cult of narcissistic personality. Branden said “There is no value judgment more important to man – no factor more decisive in his psychological development and motivation – than the estimate he passes on himself… The nature of his self evaluation has profound effects on a man’s thinking processes, emotions, desires, values and goals. It is the single most significant key to his behavior.” In other words man’s utmost duty is to learn to love himself. Research conducted in the years following the release of his book proved self esteem culture to be false and yet that did not stop it from evolving and by the 1970s NPD became a real cultural affliction.

The Self Esteem Movement gave birth to the Self Expression movement, which appeals to anyone who feels oppressed or repressed in some way. It is even a clever slogan used to sell everything from coffee to what I will call at this time “certain physical modifications to the identity”. In modern times we have an insidious mindset “Everyone can do whatever they want.” Which usually has the hidden statement behind it “as long as it doesn’t affect me personally.” This goes on to breed the cult of narcissistic personality because self expression would be wonderful if the majority of people who felt the need to express themselves actually were rooted in healthy values and wanted to contribute something meaningful to help society.

It is important to note that before 1960 there was hardly any mention of self esteem and while afros and bellbottoms have come and gone, narcissistic personality traits have stayed and are flourishing. Heinz Kohut was a psychoanalytical theorist who identified narcissistic personality disorder in 1971 and by 1980 this phenomenon was so commonplace that it was officially added to the DSM-III (the handbook for psychiatric disorders). By the late 80s and in to the early 90s the media began to educate the masses on fake self esteem through the importance of loving yourself and this went on to penetrate the minds of the masses. Today we have a firm belief that self love is how you fix all your problems and it has become a fixed part of culture where people now firmly believe that being a selfish twat is akin to enlightenment somehow.

Another critical factor in the creation of narcissism is rooted in the lies passed to us through the attack on parents. There IS a massive psyop on the way parenting is done worldwide. Instead of leading our children, we now are led by them. Parents have learned to give up authority to young children and protect them from accountability. They aren’t allowed to sit with the tough feelings that accompany life, constructive criticism from friends, teachers, family aren’t allowed. A tough day isn’t talked about in a way that strength of character is born from it – instead they are told how entitled they are to having things go their way. Kids of this day are allowed to have all the freedom they want without the responsibility and the life lessons that go along with it. Parents have been minimized to mediocre “friends” at best and kids don’t take anything seriously and are allowed to lash out when disciplined.

This shift in parenting is fueled by the culture of “self love” “self admiration” “self aggrandizing” “positive thinking” and “positive feelings” which have dealt devastating blow to the collective psyche – everyone is afraid of the real work. Parents now give up their true role as a guide seek their children’s approval versus the children wanting to naturally adhere to their parents guidance and earn respect. Until this point parents would stand their ground against the fury of emotionally immature children, however these days parents play the self admiration and self esteem game handed down to us from the powers that shouldn’t be. In reality, according to the best research which we aren’t shown without a deep dive down the rabbit hole – all of the things which parents these days are conditioned to believe about raising self esteem, self concept and responsibility actually breed narcissistic traits and rank kids high on the Narcissistic Personality Index.

Cultural narcissism is a form of social engineering and when little Timmy is treated like a prince, and baby Kimberley is “little princess” then that means that you must be the loyal subject or worthless peasant at best. Parents who are focused on building respectful relationships, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and obedience are pushing against the cult of disempowered personality. Many parents are so overwhelmed by trying to fit in to this toxic system that they often crumble under the weight of the narcissistic value system and let their kids run the show under the false excuse of independence and freedom. Psychologist Polly Young-Eisendrath said “Too many modern parents have innocently made the mistake of idealizing their children instead of truly loving them.”

A commonly used psychodynamic theory suggested that narcissism began in kids who suffered neglect or who had distant parents however all of the research suggests that is false except for certain forms of vulnerable or covert narcissism. Modern day theory has found that narcissism is created by receiving too much good feedback – a lack of rules, discipline and accountability. Many parents of this day are not even aware that you can enforce rules, teach discipline and 100% accountability without fueling your child’s ego or creating an enemy. It’s often too hard for them to maintain when kids see their friends getting to do whatever the hell they feel like. Often times the parents want to be the child’s friend rather than be firm with them and that causes great acts of disobedience and poor choices into adulthood.

In one study it was found that kids who had parents who:

hovered a lot
were overly indulgent
praised them too much
were more friendly than authoritarian
hardly gave criticism
gave too many choices too early

scored the highest for narcissistic traits.

When kids watch TV or interact with others who are allowed to run amuck and do, be, say, have whatever they want because they are “daddy’s princess” or “the boss” then they begin to identify with the herd. As I have said several times, the subconscious mind loves what the herd is doing and it will download the programs of the hive each and every time without your consent.

So when your kid is exposed to High School Musical, or the Suite Life of Zack and Cody or Hannah frickin’ Montana or any kind of reality TV show you can be guaranteed they are learning Narcissism. They are also learning how to be a Narcissist from MTV, BET and any other place which has music videos. CULTure is coming from all the screens all the time (see my series on why TV is not your friend).

The global Culture of disempowerment has become radical about emphasizing how we are all different and unique – in the most unhealthy of ways. Focusing on differences creates division which is what the powers that shouldn’t be want to achieve. If you are walking around in your head with a voice that says “You are not like me therefore you are bad and I am special.” Then that is a recipe for disaster. Instead, why not emphasize the message that we all have similarities?

If you remember Myspace then you know what I am about to say next. Myspace came along just at the right time to give a platform for the crazed self expression junkies which became a hotbed for narcissistic personality traits to bleed in to the global culture.

This normalized somewhat “secret lives” for people where they could behave as trashy, aggressive and sexually inappropriate as possible. With some of the most popularly used backgrounds for the page being the playboy bunny or dollar sign, kids and adults alike could fuel their hidden narcissistic traits.

This was the beginning of the end for us because social networking has become the standard. Now you can be a “friend” with anyone and “follow” all your favorite celebrities, politicians, media outlets, artists, bands – your favorite sources of lies and deception.

You can become whoever you want to be hidden behind a screen as a substitute for a real sense of value and worth. Narcissists LOVE social networking because it fuels their attention seeking, aggression, makes it easy for them to be insulting or retaliate when questioned and they can pretend to look as hot as they really are not in real life. They can get more friends and more comments and people always execute behaviors that give them a positive reward so why would a narcissist NOT be all about this.

You could say that people of today are so plugged in to the social media platforms and the identities they have built on them that narcissism is now a hobby. Other hobbies include being amateur exhibitionists and voyeurs. In order to get more likes, comments, shares and attention in general you have to constantly participate and what you are really doing is saying “Look at me! I’m valuable!” A research project done by Carnegie Mellon University found that posting frequently online is directly correlated to attention seeking and a need for validation. The research also found that social media users actually attempting to help and educate people or ask questions leading to solution focused thinking were rejected by the masses.

Social media allows people to live in a fantasy world where they go on to fail at living a well adjusted life in reality. Even when your real life friends connect with you on social media the exchange is never really the same as in person or on a phone call. It breeds the narcissistic personality traits of superficiality, emotionally bankrupt relationships and morally empty behaviors.

I am special and Unique. The favorite affirmation for those who rank high on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory. Non-narcissists favor “I am no better or no worse than others”.

The concept of being special is one of the key traits of narcissism. We all want to feel special or be treated specially at some point. You can see how a culture of narcissistic entitlement has grown over time and much of what we have been taught is actually very toxic.

The question here is can everyone REALLY be special? The dictionary definition of the word special is “Surpassing what is common or usual; exceptional.” By that definition it is literally impossible and illogical for anyone to actually be special. A 5 year old could figure that out. Even thinking “Yes, I’m special, but so is everyone else.” ranks high on the NPI so even trying to inject equality in to the equation is futile. Narcissists use these kinds of self justifications to treat people in whatever way they feel like.

The lowest ranking attitude on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory is to always look for the things we have in common. We have more in common than we care to admit. Differences can strengthen us and not push us apart when we learn to look at different perspectives and cultivate empathy.

People who rank high on the NPI have a hard time understanding the concept of not being special or different from other people. We are all plugged in to universal consciousness and are simply expressing this energy differently – which makes us no better and no more special or unique than any life form.

We can’t be ONE, a part of unity consciousness and be special and unique – which is why the egoic part of the mind is always trying to justify being special or unique. This part of the mind loves separatist philosophies. A need to convince oneself of specialness shines a light on a lack of security within. Secure people do not need to place distinctions on themselves – they instead work to understand even the most difficult of people, even when disconnection must be chosen for safety or other unfortunate and yet important reasons.

Relationships with narcissists start out great – lots of fun and too good to be true. Narcs make exciting partners and horrible ones at the same time. As soon as you give them too much authority, commit to them or get too attached – the switch flips.

A relationship with any narcissist is centered around feeding their ego – and sometimes its about feeding your own. Narcissists use their partners to feel powerful, special, admirable, attractive and important. Narcissists don’t care about being loving, caring and committing. They do not know how to be loyal and they move on when they aren’t getting what they want.

It is important to remember that just because someone doesn’t have a diagnosis for Narcissistic Personality Disorder it does not mean that they do not have underlying narcissistic values which destroy their relationships. People fall for the narcissistic trap easily. Narcissism in romantic relationships is very easy to spot from an outside perspective.

Narcissists (and users who don’t plan to change in general) will do everything to pretend that they are taking action to be different because they know deep down that when someone is in love they will be prepared to take a lot of disrespect. Narcissistic people rarely change and will appear to make effort because it benefits them, not because of you. If you are in a relationship where issues come up every few weeks or few months and it seems like certain things repeat – you are probably dealing with someone with underlying narcissistic traits – and they are not going to change. It will be a new thing in a few months, sorry about that.

People with narcissistic traits don’t commit, therefore people and relationships are always interchangeable and replaceable. As long as the narcissist can have his/her needs met it does not matter. Narcs love open relationships and the polyamory psyop because it caters to their ego. They never have to get close to and commit to 1 person all the way, and they get their needs of admiration, feeling attractive, false sexual freedom, sense of specialness upheld by more than 1 person. A monogomous relationship is the highest expression of consciousness and as you may have already figured out, narcs are spiritually and morally bankrupt and will run from doing any real internal work. Its all about feeding the ego and narcissists think of people as fuel.

Criticism of narcissists results in hostility – denial, abuse and even violence. Narcs can’t process social rejection either, because to them, they’re amazing and they will become hostile. Narcissistic people also lash out when they can’t get their way or do what they want.

We get tangled up in Narcissistic relationships, whether friendly or romantic because we are our own worst enemy. Our emotions very rarely serve to make good decisions. When we pursue a relationship and justify staying connected to someone it is rarely out of love and instead, out of selfishness and a rush of chemicals in the body which trick us in to believing we love that person. What we are really attracted to is the fun, the spice, the excitement, the magic and the initial facade of caring that accompanies meeting someone. Later on in the relationship it is hard to leave because of our own guilt, shame, fear of being wrong, and our attachment to memories. We willingly allow ourselves to get hurt over and over by repeating patterns of behavior that we sign up for by sticking around. Narcissistic people are great at bringing perceived substance, caring and magic to a relationship up front, and once we get hooked the wheels fall off and the problems start. Narcissists know they have things to hide and will always save the bad stuff for later on when you are already hooked.

Narcissism has become so normalized that good things like compassion and empathy have become maladaptive when dealing with narcissists. Its common to spend time trying to assume that maybe the narcissist had stuff going on, or had a tough childhood or some other sob story and these things are easy to use to self justify poor behavior which was executed intentionally. Narcissistic traits aren’t only limited to things like attention seeking, control, self aggrandizing or abusive behaviors. Sometimes narcissistic behavior looks a lot like asking a partner to stop doing something and it never does, or worse, they stop that one thing and do something else very inappropriate and it continues on like that in a cycle. In these situations we gaslight ourselves and tend to hang on hoping the magic will come back and only look at positive moments so that we stay stuck in a cycle of covert abuse. Narcissists are very sweet at times however they have a stinging sour after taste.

On the flipside, we are also conditioned by culture to be selfish in relationships and the TV tells us that if you aren’t 100% sure about someone that you should kick them to the curb. Remember what I said earlier about narcissists seeing people as interchangeable? That’s the program that is going in our heads from the TV – that you should not put up with flaws from people and that relationships are meant to be fun and easy. Anyone who has been in a healthy and well functioning relationships for more than just a year or two knows that sometimes things happen that make you question the relationship or the partner, and you work on it together and things do improve and you learn each other’s imperfections and turn them in to strengths. The cult of narcissistic personality wants to divide us and so we are told that the first sign of you not getting your way discard the person because “you deserve better honeybooboo”. Fuck that. Work on your ego dummy.

How can I love anyone if I don’t know how to love myself? Another cultural belief that has no validity to it whatsoever. I can imagine the hoard of programmed robots yelling at this meme right now. Get over it. You learn to love other people and it shapes your internal world in a way that cultivates a strong character and a high level of maturity, esteem, compassion, empathy and INTEGRITY. Loving yourself is only going to result in putting all of the love back on you and you will not have anything to give to anyone else. Then you’ll be a lonely bitch, but at least you love being a douche right? Cool. Self esteem is not currency on this planet, LOVE IS. Love is never conditional and never something quantifiable that you can just give and take as you please to yourself or any other person. Love just IS. Narcissistic people are mentally incapable of understanding that. People these days put so much effort in to appearing as though they love themselves and they have high self esteem that they end up acting in ways that suggest the exact opposite.

Friends with benefits, hookups, non committed relationships are all high ranking on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory. Narcs love situations that feed their inability to connect or form emotional bonds.

Some scary yet not shocking statistics include:
80% of people age 20-30 say its common to have sex for no reason, without committment. 47% of women age 18-35 profess to having a booty call partner they can call on any time. 35% of virgins perform oral sex and consider those types of non committal casual sexual acts as normal.

Hookup culture and things like polyamory are fed by movies, tv and music which promote manipulative, emotionally devoid, humiliating attitudes towards sex. There are even books and podcasts which attempt to prove that these behaviors are “spiritual”, “sexually empowering”, and healthy. These things are really cop outs of having to relate to a person on an incredibly deep level. As the global cult of disempowered personality grows by the year, non-narcissistic people are being dragged in to the fray and are subconsciously being programmed with very narcissistic ideologies and behaviors.

Identifying narcissists is difficult. In an ideal world we could avoid all the narcissists, however they seem to be multiplying like the gremlins who had a nice snack after midnight. The good news is that narcissists are always telling you what they believe about themselves and the world at all times – it takes great skill to pick up on these cues. Its doable. Most of us are stuck with narcissists via family or in the workplace. Unfortunately narcissists are the only people who you cannot love or empathise with because they take that as a cue to use and abuse you. Expecting healthy values like integrity, connection and kindness from a narc is like expecting fire to be rain.

People who are not at peace will have an infinity number of ways to steal yours. You can try to manipulate narcissists in your favor however that often backfires so exercise caution and only do this if you absolutely have to work with them for a good cause. If possible, you can encourage narcissists to act in kind, caring ways for a time – which they will take the bait because immediate gratification comes from executing these behaviors. That won’t last long for them, they will go right back to their default selfish ways. Its very important to note here that there are Spiritual Narcissists, Grateful Narcissists, Positive Mental Attitude Narcissists, Compassionate Narcissists and Empathetic Narcissists.

Do you know what you are entitled to?
NOTHING. Entitlement is a huge part of the growing pandemic of narcissism and one of the most damaging mindsets to other people. It automatically means that if one person is entitled to something then another person has to take a hit. This type of debilitating mindset appeals to mentally flawed people and has huge consequences – even when you think you are entitled to your opinion – which you aren’t. You are not entitled to anything. Entitlement is a fantasy.

Entitlement is a destroyer of relationships. Its often this factor which contributes to much of the conflict in relationships. People have their own thresholds for disrespect and how dare you cross them. Entitled people don’t understand that invariably one partner will say something stupid or hurtful in a relationship and their entitlement will take precedent, rather than communication and curiosity. Sometimes people say dumb stuff and instead of looking to resolve conflict, people allow their concepts of how they should be respected take the floor and turn it in to a magnificent shitstorm. Entitled people don’t understand that.

Entitled people lack the ability to see other people’s perspectives and don’t really know what empathy is. The concept of entitlement is all about your own experience, your needs and the outcomes you want. Entitlement is rooted in a lack of respect for other people and other people simply don’t matter.

God wants me to do it. God wants me to be rich. God would not have put this dream in my heart if he had not already given me everything I need to fulfil it. Religious Narcissism is a big thing. Taking narcissistic traits and programming people with them under the guise of altruism. Much of religious doctrine has now crossed over in to the realm of self help and now everyone is living their best life at the expense of other people – because let’s face it, you are so special that you get to behave like a jerk 24/7 because baby jesus said you could. Go figure. This has now taken religion away from being about forging a connection with a higher power and creating community to treating people with kindness until they do or say something that you cannot emotionally process so its fine to just cut them off – because god said you were special and God wants you to be successful.

The same phenomenon occurs in the spirituality realm – the new age psyop. Live your dream. Live the life you would love to live. Abundance is your birthright! The law of attraction and the 12 laws of success. Wealth is coming! Love is coming! 11:11 means everything is working out for you and it will happen all of a sudden if you just believe! TYPE YES TO AFFIRM. LOL What the f*ck guys? These kinds of memes appeal to people with a very low IQ – those who really can’t think for themselves or create anything because they have been programmed to follow the crowd and now, a small image on a screen can inspire them to the heights of greatness. Narcissism at its finest because this instills in to people the idea that they are somehow special, and everything is always working out for them, and they are entitled to having an incredibly prosperous life without actually having to do anything. Nothing like a little self glorification to magically fill your bank account.

Globally narcissism is spreading and it now underlies the events of every day living. It isn’t just limited to those with a personality disorder – it is a culturally endorsed set of behaviors. It has become a disease, more prevalent than cancer, and more real than the measuring tape v*rus trying to keep us 6 feet apart. The entire world is faced with this pandemic of epic proportions and social media, news media, culture and entertainment are the primary transmission devices for the superspreading infection of egotism, materialism, entitlement, self-centeredness, self-admiration, aggression and idolitry. A healthy injection of love, understanding and respect for others with the boosters of strong values like integrity, compassion, consistency and empathy could be the cure.

Narcissists need YOU to overreact so that they can sit back and pretend to be diplomatic, professional, or innocent.

Narcissists look at what you hold dear and insult and attack those things, they phrase things in condescending ways with seemingly no meaning to them in order to get you to react.

Narcissists do everything in their power to build up an external personality that covers their true identity as a weak, insecure, immoral or shameful person.

Narcissists can’t handle being held accountable and will turn things around on you. It’s always “your behavior”. Especially when you stand up to them.

Narcissists have the compulsive need to be seen. This is how they get energetic supply via a sense of relevance.

Narcissists mirror, mimic, pretend to share interests, pretend to love your qualities and fake interest in you in general in order to get you to like them.

On the opposite scale of grandiosity, narcissists act depressed, needy, socially anxious and like victims in order to get what they want from you.

Narcissists act entitled to accolades they didn’t work for and are very arrogant about any small abilities they may or may not have. They put others down for their success.

Narcissists can’t handle views that are counter to their reality. They always know better than any of the experts.

Narcissists HATE when you try to improve yourself.

Narcissists are never satisfied with anything. They complain, criticize, dismiss, get frustrated and insult everything. They are always a victim.

If you find yourself justifying and explaining away bad behaviors that happen constantly and you feel drained and in pain – You are dealing with a narcissist.

Narcissism – The REAL Pandemic

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