People continue to ask me what my opinion is on the C19 thing.

I keep holding my ground on this point. This has been a pandemic of the unhealthy. Nothing more.

It Does Not Exist. It Has Never Been Proven To Exist. People are getting sick because of poor lifestyle choices and chemicals in everything.

Everything you need to know about that as well as what is in the so called “cure” right here.

You can also watch here on Rumble:

Have a look at what one doctor found in the vials:

Why Wearing A Mask Makes Healthy People Sick:

Proof That The Pandemic Was Planned:

Documentary About Vaccines And Their Link To Autism:

If The Video does not play enter this in to your browser—Vaccine-Documentary-720p-MP4—roflcopter2110:f

Investigative Journalist Jon Rappaport Explains How The Narrative Works:

Jon Rappoport on AIDS, Covid, and mass formation

The Big Reset Movie

It is FAR FROM Safe or Effective –

Vaccine Induced, the story of Shaun Mulldoon:

Anecdotals Movie:

Dr Naomi Wolf: Analysis of a Grand Deception:

It doesn’t exist.

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