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The most important skill you need is HOW to process and let go of negative thoughts and emotions that create negative outcomes in your life.

How often are you going about your day and you experience something said/done by a friend, family member, co-worker or you see it on social media/TV/in public and it changes your mood for the worse?

Maybe you suddenly experience crippling anxiety, rage or immediately feel drained and depressed.

This happens to so many these days and in fact can happen to anyone – because we are all human – and let’s face it, this world will break you down without the right tools to handle stress.

Most of us DON’T want to feel disempowered by normal life experiences. Most of us really don’t have the energy to expend on these lower frequency states of being.

I’m Jehan Sattaur, CTAA Certified in CBT, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition and specialist in the area of Subconscious Self Sabotage.

A decade ago I was a complete prisoner to my own negative automatic thoughts and emotions – I decided to be DONE with it. I learned how to manage self sabotaging behaviors, handle negative automatic thoughts and beliefs and I am here to show you easy and effective ways to beat patterns of over-thinking, over-analyzing, replaying self defeating thoughts, recreating mediocre circumstances and a feeling of stuckness in everyday life.

Let me teach you what I have learned in 10 years as a therapist and coach the proven methods for overcoming tough emotions in my workshop on Friday, March 31st, 2023.

Admission $55 USD and Registration is EASY.

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Paypal Only – Limited Availability to 10 Guests
Meeting hosted on Zencastr, MUST HAVE A LAPTOP with Google Chrome or Brave Browser.

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Private Remote Sessions

Jehan offers private sessions for one-on-one training, which provide better flexibility with the timing and structure of the class. These private sessions offer a more intimate experience which Jehan can personalise to your specific needs.

Group sessions are also offered remotely. No more than 3 persons at a time to ensure that each person gets the attention they deserve.

These remote courses are conducted via zoom, or your preferred social platform for video calls and allow you to learn from anywhere in the world.

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