What is detoxing?

A system which allows the human body, in a natural way, to release:
• unwanted toxins
• free radicals
• bacteria
• parasites
• mucus from the lymphnodes
• yeast (overgrowth of sugar)

When we are not able to detox in correct ways then the result is that we feel sluggish and need to get energy from replacements like caffeine or some other stimulant – Which create a further build up of toxins in the body. We have all of the energy we need within the human body already as long as we are not consuming foods and chemicals which deplete the body of that energy. Proper detoxing needs to be done at a cellular level. The cells have a membrane around them which absorbs nutrients from your food so that the body can get rid of all the toxins, free radicals, bad bacteria etc. If you are eating trash, the good nutrients cannot be absorbed in to the cells because there is so much bad stuff hanging out there and then what happens is that the bad stuff will consume what you put in or block the nutrients from entering the cells. When food is not properly digested as well, it rots and can get in to parts of your body where you don’t need bad things like bacteria, parasites etc.

Stress is everywhere and most people are doing a really bad job at managing it.

Believe it or not our stress really comes from two sources:

• the ability to manage our thoughts and beliefs
• and the ability to take full responsibility for what we put in to our bodies

Sleep and Detox
You will find all kinds of information floating around out there about how much sleep you need which means absolutely nothing to you as a unique individual.

Let me ask you this very important question – do you know your sleep number?

• 6-8 hours of sleep each night is recommended and you have to know how much you as an individual really need in order to be calm, focused and energized.

• Sleep is super important to detoxing.
The brain needs good rest in order to detox and clear away stuck energy and the body is always making its best efforts at trying to regenerate fresh cells as well as cleanse your organs and blood. Your body is always trying to release toxins from the cells or fat tissue. It is critical that whenever you feel the urge to rest that you recognize that you really need to rest. As difficult as it is to execute – you must learn the skill of saying NO to the things which steal time from your rest and which deplete you of energy – whether that be friends, family, activities, foods or beverages. A car will not drive for long on a quarter tank – therefore you cannot expect that your body will.

First Time Advice

If this is the first time that you have tried detoxing the best practice is to move slowly. By slowly I mean it is important to take a week to see how you feel before continuing with any further detox protocols and be sure to monitor your exercise output as too much rigorous exercise can make you feel unwell as it greatly taxes the body of energy during a detox. Feel in to your body, you have to connect with your body in order to get the most out of the experience of detox. Exercise helps in the detox process however it is important not to pretend that you are invincible and undefeatable – your body is working in your best interest.

Are You Drinking Enough Water?
The most critical factor in any detox program or process is water intake.
The rule for water consumption is to drink Half your body weight in ounces of water.

If you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces per day. The purpose for this is to make sure that you are getting enough water in the body to keep the natural release of toxins going. Water is also important in keeping toxins from returning to your cells once they have began the shift out of the body.

Try this – for the next 2 weeks build your water intake up to drinking half of your bodyweight. When I say build up your water intake, I mean this – If you weigh 200 pounds and you need 100 ounces of water – DO NOT CHUG 100 ounces on your first day! Instead – start at 40 ounces and then the next day, try for 45, and the next day do 50 and then the next day do 55 and so on until you reach 100 ounces.

This guarantees results such as:
· ending up a few pounds lighter
· having more energy
· better overall quality of sleep

Breathing is super important for detoxing.
The mindful breathing techniques that I teach work well as well as incorporating some meditation in to your day. When we breathe we release toxins through the expiration of the air. When you are not breathing properly you are not releasing as much toxins as the body is naturally designed to do and you are also agitated at a cellular level because your diaphragm is not being activated fully – which causes your nervous system distress. Meditation and mindful breathing works because the more calm you can generate in your body, the lower the acidity of your body – this is because negative states of being plus negative thoughts and emotions cause the blood to become extremely acidic and this affects you on a cellular level.

Morning Detox Tricks

During the night your body goes through a detoxification process. It makes sense if you can to limit your food intake to nothing after 6:30pm so that your body has plenty of time to use up what is already in your digestive system. We often have a lot of undigested matter sitting in the gut and digestive tract which needs to be cleared out or it taxes the body of energy and creates a build up of toxins.

Here are some tricks:
· First thing in the morning drink an 8 ounce glass of water to assist the body in releasing the toxins which have built up over night.
· Warm water and fresh lemon/lime in a regular tea cup will help you cleanse and balance ph early in the morning.
· Colloidal silver – which balances bacteria
· Eat or drink Aloe – good for digestion and increases hydration, it also lubricates the intestinal tract so that things can flow freely.

Detox Tea
I do not recommend using any over the counter teas which claim to be detox teas. Regular herbal teas are perfect for detoxification and for those who do not like the taste of water then uncaffeinated, unsweetened herbal teas and lemon/lime can be used for the detox process. What’s better is you can have it before bed.

My personal recommendations for cleansing effects as well as reduction of inflammation are:

·Senna leaf
·Rhubarb tea
·Dandelion Tea
·Hibiscus Flower
·Ginger Tea
·Turmeric Tea

Detoxing from Coffee

Detoxing from caffeine especially coffee is critical for healthy bodily function. Caffeine is not what we have been told it is. To find out all about the true destructive nature of caffeine read my article COFFEE THE SILENT KILLER

5 products that work great for detox.
·Green Algae
·Colloidal Silver

Other great ways of detoxing

· Sweat! Sauna.
The skin is the largest organ on the body. Pores release sweat – which contains toxins. This is the main source of detoxification for the body. Sauna increases the circulation – the more coffee we drink, the more sugar we consume and the more we stay sedentary the faster we age. Circulation slows down and we are not getting enough oxygen and distribution of vitamins and minerals. Heat of the sauna kickstarts the flow of circulation. Infrared Sauna also helps to detox organs even faster than a traditional sauna. Twice a month for 30 -40 minutes. If you want to detox from surgery, anesthesia, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, over consumption of sugar or any other chemical then sauna is the way to go – especially the infrared. Exercise can get you there too and I recommend that you sweat for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week.

· Proper digestion is also key to detoxing.
A healthy digestive tract means a healthy elimination, anti aging and anti inflammation. All illness begins in the digestive tract.

· Exfoliate your skin.
Scrub your skin because the longer old dead skin stays on your body, the less able your skin is to detox.

You can use:
·Exfoliation gloves
·Dry brushing
·Salt scrub – salt pulls toxins out and removes dead skin.
·Epsom salt baths
·Sand at the beach

· Ionic foot detox.
The foot has pores and meridian points on them. They connect to each organ. This kind of detox can pull parasites, toxins, candida, yeast, blood clots, bile and many other things.

Build Your Immune Response
The immune system is super important. It is an adaptive response in the body which has the task of finding bits of pathogens and viruses which create a stimulation in the body where it learns HOW to fight these things off. Your immune response is happening all the time to learn and get stronger and we need to be exposed to the world around us in order to survive and have optimum health. Immune health relates to your level of peace. Many people are walking around with compromised immune systems. There are tons of things that affect us that we breathe, or consume and so the immune system is always responding to some stimulus. We have to keep it boosted and we have to detox in order to be able to fight off anything that comes our way.

Supplements For Detox:
·Vitamin C

Supplements For Detox from The Jab:
·N-Acetyl Cysteine
·Vitamin C
·Vitamin D

All illness begins with a sign – inflammation. It could be a cut, a cold, an allergy, a flu, stomach ache, joint pain. You name it, it all starts with inflammation. Usually as a result of something you are consuming. This is why detoxing every day on a small level is the best practice for long term health.

Detox At A Cellular Level | Simple Steps

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