In a previous life so to speak, I was a professional musician, traveling to perform as a guitarist and backing vocalist in bands. Needless to say, it didn’t work out because I discovered some things – the hard way. What I realized is that the music industry just like Hollywood and the TV, its a clever creation designed to hijack your consciousness, your soul and use it to create chaos. In other words the music that we know and love is not there to entertain us, its there to Entrain us. Entrain us to what? What are you talking about you crazy conspiracy nut! I can already hear your default belief systems kicking in to high gear.

If you have been following my work so far, you already know that human beings will emulate any behavior which has a positive reward associated with it, even if it is evil. We tend to emulate the behavior we pick up from our favorite music, based on the emotions we feel, or rather – are recorded by the limbic system – the emotional part of the brain.

Have you ever heard the old joke? What do you get when you play country music backward?

You get back your wife, your dog, and your truck.

This joke makes sense in a twisted way because music along with television is used to shape the culture of the world, not just a particular ethnic or social group. Music in its purest form has the power to heal and in its lowest form (What we all enjoy) is used to harm. A clever way to hijack consciousness. As you may know, consciousness recreates everything it observes – when you give up music consumption and exchange it for music creation, you take back your power and like the country music joke, your life will make a complete 360 because you will have access to levels of consciousness you did not have before. The human mind is simple, garbage in, garbage out and we “like” or rather, gravitate towards media which gives us an emotional fix – we are emotion junkies and don’t like to admit it. We only consume media that we emotionally identify with. The sound of music itself provides the emotional body with a feeling of thrills, whether it is upbeat, or down tempo – and we get addicted to it to our detriment. The biggest part of it is that our subconscious faculty is hijacked and whatever goes in, rules our lives.

“Through music, you hypnotize people and when you get them at their weakest point, you can preach into their subconscious what we want to say.” – Jimi Hendrix

Poor, sweet old Jimi Hendrix. He just wanted to know where Joe was going with that gun in his hand. Right?

Wrong. Jimi Hendrix was a big puppet of the organized crime system trying to dictate to us what’s cool and what drools. Whether we are passively listening to a song, or actively singing along with it, we are programming ourselves with the ideas, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors that go along with that particular artist. This is because the number one goal of the artist is to portray a particular lifestyle – and by consuming their music, you silently and unconsciously agree to take on that lifestyle. Its easy to see the proof. Go to a rock show, or a country show, or a rap show etc. And note stylistically how they dress, talk, think, act, dance to the music. It creates cultures. If you’re astute, you will notice the first word of culture is CULT. That’s not a coincidence by any means.

Let me fast forward to the juicy part. Around age 19 I played in 2 bands simultaneously and both of them were decent enough to happen to be offered several record deals. We never took any of them due to a multitude of reasons not really relevant to this story. But fast forward even more to age 23, when I was finally offered a deal of my own, my lawyer sat me down for a chat, which I thought was going to be about the contract sitting in front of me. Turns out what he would say would change my life forever. What he said was this “Jehan…you don’t want to do this…This is not who you are.” And of course I was thinking to myself, of course it is, I am a musician, I want to play music, and I want to sign this deal so that I can continue doing that and get paid to do what I love doing the most. And he said “No, you don’t understand, you are not this kind of person. You see, there is a whole other side of the music industry that you don’t even know exists and in all good conscience I can’t send another good person off to the slaughter.” Well, he tried explaining it to me in different ways and I still couldn’t get a grip on what he was saying, largely because my default belief system about the whole thing was blocking my ability to receive any new information. So after getting very frustrated, he pulled out some copies of contracts which were previously signed by other artists and he said look at these. He showed me the “fine print” both literally and figuratively. All of the areas where clauses were embedded. Then he showed me the contract that was given to me. My mind was blown. This well known record label wanted to use my likeness, meaning my image, my body, my face, my talents and abilities and pay me next to nothing for it. In fact, I would be indebted to them forever. But wait, there’s more…

About 2 hours had passed by this time and I was anticipating a pretty big bill from him for the amount of time spent sitting in his office. When he said, “Just please give some consideration to what I’m saying to you, this will not end well for you if you sign this contract.” I knew in my heart he was telling the truth, I could see it in his eyes, on his face, like he was pleading with me to not do this, and I thought that was very odd. After all it was his job. Just as I got up to walk out, he said, “Hold on one minute, I want you to watch something.” He took out his laptop and showed me a YouTube channel. He said “Everything in this video is 100% true, please watch this and try to understand what is going on.” I remember it being the longest drive home ever. I dreaded going home and watching this video and rightfully so because what I saw shocked me to my core. It broke my belief system and became the catalyst for my slow exit from the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll club.

Watch The Video Here: The Music Industry Exposed

I continued on for 4 more years after that, trying to hold on to every last thread that kept me close to my dream of playing music professionally. Finally I called it quits. During that time I spent every chance I could researching and learning about the music industry, and the origins and original purpose of music in ancient societies as well as what music is really used for in this era. It will shock you.

The first thing that I discovered is that the subconscious mind is the target. Human beings have mirror neurons, which essentially cause us to mimic behavior as if we are the ones executing the behavior when we witness it. THEN – we onboard that behavior in to our subconscious and begin to unknowingly play out these behaviors, thoughts, ideologies – mistaking it for our own conscious choices. In other words, we think we are thinking, but hardly any of our thinking is based on originality IF we are consuming media. Most people do not like to be this honest with themselves, so I understand if hearing this angers you, I didn’t want to accept it at first either.

Let’s use Rap Music as a great example of how people can be easily shaped by music. In the 90s all of the various record labels were bought up by 4 major labels. During this time, sex, violence and obscene behavior increased in the lyrical content and the music videos. Because the subconscious mind loves repetition and it only takes 3 to 4 repetitions of something in your environment to condition you, rap music became the perfect platform to shape an entire generation. The lyrics are like affirmations and are phrased like “I do”, “You are” and hypnotic language is used. Fun fact about the emotional center of the brain, when you say the word SEX, you have a person’s attention for another 20 minutes on a subconscious level and you can provide further instructions to them very easily. By 2010, rap exploded and was embraced so readily by all cultures and when Lil Wayne came out, SAT scores went down and only 47% of black males were graduating from high school, but it had a similar effect on the other ethnic groups as well. Black male encarceration also skyrocketed by 50% since 1990.

The Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, credited for the introduction of a different frequency of music – a change from 432hz to 440hz because it was more agitating to the brain and limbic system once said: “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas in disguise.”

So why does this really work so well? Any time you are listening to music you become narrowed in your focus – which induces a hypnotic trance. That’s why you can run on a treadmill for 30 minutes with no music and it feels like a year, but if you put on your favorite playlist, it’s done in what feels like minutes. You just experienced a Time Distortion, which is really hypnosis. BRAINWASHING is the process of convincing someone to give up their current or past beliefs in order to take in new beliefs and values. Have you ever seen a straight laced white kid suddenly start wearing baggy pants that hang off his ass and expose his underwear paired with an over sized t shirt and a do-rag? That’s brainwashing via rap music. Enculturation if you will. Mind control doesn’t have to look or sound fancy. In fact, it looks quite normal and you would never know that the old lady next to you on the bus is under mind control.

There are two basic types of commands embedded in movies, the news, AND especially MUSIC. One is called an INTERSPERSAL metaphor and the other is a ISOMORPHIC. Interspersal is where commands are hidden in a story so that the triggers are planted in a way that are only detected and accepted by the subconscious mind. The Isomorphic usually has some kind of moral, or hook, or catchy phrase attached to it which help solidify the story to the person’s conscious and subconscious mind. A kind of agreement. The subconscious mind then connects the triggers in those stories to whatever is in the environment which matches up to that and fires off a program – some reaction/response/a set of behavior.

The purpose of using stories is to distract and disengage the conscious mind. These stories all contain indirect suggestions that are hidden within the body of the story which are accepted by the subconscious mind of the subject. There are also instructions which bind to the memory of the subject and are based on past learnings so that the subject can perform certain actions in the present.

Think of a song that you know that you haven’t heard in a long time. When you heard that song last, was there a feeling attached to it? Was this feeling related to a past event? The very first time you heard that song – you attached feelings in the subconscious mind to the memory. The song is now an anchor for those feelings and memory. Every time you hear this song you are going to trigger the brain to have the same feelings all over again. The five senses are taking in information all the time which anchor you to a particular moment in time based on how you felt.

I could say so much more about each individual genre but it is all the same beast and the same techniques are employed to train people to accept and play out certain beliefs and roles in society. But very quickly let’s pick on someone like Marylin Manson. Marylin Manson is an easy one to spot because he doesn’t hide it. His music is all about promoting and programming people with certain ideas including satanism, drugs, self mutilation, homosexuality, suicide and murder. He outright says that his mission is to destroy God. You can watch any of his music videos or concerts to see exactly what he is about, and yet, some people really eat that up – they have no concept who they are without their music programming.

Were you aware that everything we believe – every piece of culture, from the way we talk, slang included to the way we dress and even how we relate to each other interpersonally and sexually is determined by THINK TANKS? That’s right. Think Tanks. Groups of people who sit around a table and argue about how they can get humans to conform to particular belief systems and to grow in the direction they want us to. In case you haven’t noticed, society isn’t the way it used to be, and that’s purpose work. It’s all coming from Think Tanks, for example The Tavistock Institute. Rather than me describe it to you in further detail check out this video right here: The Tavistock Institute of Mind Control

I also strongly suggest doing the research yourself and listening to this audiobook here: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations by Dr. John Coleman

Download and Read Tavistock Institute of Human Relations Book Here:

Fortunately, I was going to write even more here, however, a friend was kind enough to invite me on to his podcast to speak about the issue, so I will leave the link for you to listen here: The Dark Side of Music and The Industry on Hawk IT Podcast

What I have decided to do is go through that interview and type out as best as I can, a transcript or rather, notes of what I said in the interview, which can be seen below.

Music is influencing us constantly, at a cellular level. This means that when we are exposed to music it is affecting us. It is speeding up or slowing down our heart rate. It is either relaxing the nervous system or agitating it. It affects blood pressure, digestion and how we breathe. It affects us emotionally and it has been shown to have effects on the way we think about ourselves and the world around us. Music also has a direct effect on culture of the world. Music plays a huge role in shaping the way civilization believes and behaves. We have become complacent and complicit to our own enslavement via the music we consume. This is a surprising result of the degradation of our consciousness over the years of so called ‘development’ that we have undergone as previous civilizations were always very aware and careful with the power of music. They knew that sound is used to degrade the mind or to enhance spiritual development. This is the basis of Pythagoras’ work and he in fact noted that music is essentially a derivative of numbers and mathematical ratios. He also stated that in his view, the entire universe was linked to the same numbers and mathematical ratios found in music. Pythagoras hacked the code that all ancient civilizations before us understood – that music influenced thoughts, created emotions and controlled bodily health.

The ancient chinese civilizations understood that music was an energetic formula. It was a form of free energy. They also understood that it had the power to violate the free will of the listener. They believed that it should never be used for entertainment because as it is, it does not take much to stimulate the dark side of a human. They knew that using it as entertainment would lead to immorality and wrong behavior. They knew that music held a power that needed to be wielded correctly at all times. They believed that music should be used to preserve eternal truths and for influencing a person’s character in positive ways. The chinese understood the power of music in such a way that it was used for healing as they knew it affected people on a subconscious, cellular level and instructed the physiology how to behave. They were very careful about this and all music was analyzed deeply to make sure that it was fuelling spirituality and not degradation. Confucius, which I am sure everyone has heard of, was a critic of music and found that much of the music was lewd, repetitious, harsh or annoying and he carefully took in to consideration the after effect of exposure to the music as he believed that good music could be used as a tool to positively shape the character of a person.

Confucius is quoted as saying “The noble minded man’s music is mild and delicate, keeps a uniform mood, enlivens and moves. Such a man does not harbour pain or mourn in his heart; violent and daring movements are foreign to him.”

Confucius also knew that as music held the power to shape a person’s character, in the context of the collective, music could shape an entire nation for better or the worse. He is quoted as saying “If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well goverened, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.”

For the Chinese, the moral effect of music was the most important factor which determined its value. And it is a fair statement that the music of today is one of the contributing factors to a vastly immoral global population. A sick society in both mentality, and physiology. They tell tales of old like the story of Master Wen of Cheng who learned to control the elements through music, but only once he had learned to master these 4 states: the concrete mind, the abstract mind, his physical body and his emotions. Master Wen believed that he could only produce the best most beautiful and beneficial music in terms of its effect once he mastered his spiritual self – his own heart. This mastery led him to reach connection with his higher self which meant that his true essence and inner genius could be mastered by the expression of his heart’s wisdom. In the same way, the chinese tells stories of music which was invented by demons. This music was responsible for storms which destroyed kingdoms and in one instance, caused the illness and later death of Prince Ping Kung who’s palace had be completely destroyed in the melee.

Each of the 12 tones corresponded with an astrological month. Each tone assigned to each month was said to be stronger during the month it was assigned to and resonated more throughout the month. It was dualistic in nature and divided in to Yin tones and Yang tones. Each tone was understood to be an undertone of the celestial supernatural tones. Each month possessed its own Tonic and all ceremonial music was to be performed under that tonic of the month. The Chinese believed that this was the only way to maintain perfect celestial order and connection with the divine as well as healing properties of music. The way that the state was governed was determined by celestial order as they believed the music helped them to manifest the closest state to social perfection as possible due to the connection with the divine that perfectly considered, written and performed music could bring. Hence, when the music was in harmony with the stars, life was harmonious for all – and when the music was disharmonious the condition of the state was reduced to imperfection, illness and disharmony.

In The REPUBLIC Plato said “When modes of music change the fundamental laws of the state change with them.”

and Plato’s work LAWS he said “Through foolishness they, the people, deceived themselves into thinking that there was no right or wrong in music that it was to be judged good or bad by the pleasure it gave. As it was, the criterion was not music but a reputation for promiscuous cleverness and a spirit of law-breaking.”

Aristotle noted that “Music has the power to form character”

Vladimir Lenin, co founder of the communist movement said “One quick way to destroy a society is through its music.”
The Marxist Minstrels, A Handbook on Communist Subversion of Music

Reasearch has found that enough volume can congeal proteins in a liquid media, in other words if you put an egg in front of a speaker and crank it eventually you can boil the egg.

Research has also shown that plants will grow and flourish in the presence of classical music and die in the presence of pop, rock or heavy metal music.

Musicologist, Dr. Adam Knieste studied the side effects of different types of music on people and said “It’s a really powerful drug. Music can poison you, lift your spirits, or make you sick without knowing why.”

Contrary to the popular news articles citing the positive effects of music on the brain, most genres have been found to inhibit learning and critical thinking faculties. People are drawn to music because of its ability to influence moods. What people are not aware of is that along with this influence they are being unconsciously manipulated.

Eddie Manson, Oscar Winning composer and former president of the America society of music Arrangers once said “We manipulate people like crazy, every film composer mixes his experiences with a talent for musical manipulation and then projects that Machiavellian power gut to gut”. Eddie Manson also said “Music is used everywhere to condition the human mind. It can be just as powerful as a drug and much more dangerous, because nobody takes musical manipulation very seriously.”

Music is a powerful encoder – which is a term in psychology for something that helps determine the way that we perceive and think about the world. The subconscious mind is affected by music. The auditory nerves are the most predominant of all the human senses. Stanford University research has shown that there is an area of the brain responsible for “Thrills” and music is the most powerful device for creating a false sense of thrills.

David Crosby (crosby,stills and nash) once told rolling stone magazine point blank that just through music he could alter his audience’s value systems and if he wanted to – steal them away from their parents.

Good old Jimi Hendrix told Life Magazine in 1969 – “I can explain everything better through music. You hypnotize people to where they go right back to their natural state, and when you get people are their weakest point, you can preach into their subconscious what we want to say.” What Jimi is saying is that within the realm of spirituality, music is one of the most powerful weapons in the war of against consciousness as it has influence in the unseen realms. If you examine the word “muse” you find that the “muse” were the spirit beings who the ancient greeks believed were responsible for the inspiration of all art. Seether’s Shaun Morgan once said “I wait for the muse to come down and give me another song – then I try to capture that”

Joni Mitchell, who’s music is riddled with masonic themes once confessed that she believes in a male muse named Art who lends her his key to what she very eerily describes The Shrine of Creativity.

I can attest to feeling on stage like something came down and touched the top of my head and all of a sudden I could not remember where I was or what I was doing, except I knew I played exceptionally well that performance. When the show was over people would say things to me like “you went off” and then show me replays and i would not remember doing, singing or playing the way that I did. It seemed unreal.

Guitarist John McGlaughlin, a pioneer in the genre of Jazz fusion said “One night we were playing and suddenly the spirit entered into me and I was playing but it was no longer me playing.”

Angus Young of ACDC said “Someone else is steering me. I’m just along for the ride. I become possessed when I’m on stage.”

Likewise, a rock magazine described the Cure’s Robert Smith’s creative process as follows: “He often comes up with his most macabre ideas for songs in the nightmares he experiences while sleeping off alcoholic binges. The entire album “The Head on the Door” was written under those conditions.”

William Burroughs (who is credited as working with Kurt Cobain) Said “A Rock concert is in fact a rite involving the evocation and transmutation of energy. Rock stars may be compared to priests… For such magic to succeed, it must tap the sources of magical energy, and this can be dangerous.”

Sting was interviewed about the success of Every Breath You Take some time ago and he said “I think it’s shadowy, evil, and insidious, and the fact that it’s been at the top of the American record charts proves the point that people don’t know what they’re hearing! He then laughed and said “My God! It’s Absolute Poison!”

Frank Zappa said “The ways in which sound affects the human organism are myriad and subtle. The loud sounds and bright lights of today are tremendous indoctrination tools.”

Rodney Temperton is known as the Invisible Man, a white english man, who was responsible for the majority of the black pop artists hits in the 70s to 80s. He was a lyricist and a genius musical arranger. One of his main agendas was to program people with the idea that partying, drinking, drugs and sex were appropriate ways to assert yourself in life.

Michael Jackson is a great example of the satanic influence as you can see his hand gestures and he also walks backwards – moonwalk. A part of satanism is learning to say everything backwards. He often wore red, white and black, which are the colors of satan.

I think that about covers the basics of what is in the podcast and I do encourage you to listen to it because there are things I just couldn’t be bothered to transcribe in there.

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