Apples are also not sacred.

Red apples are either sprayed with a chemical which turns them red or they are painted with a red wax coating containing fungicides, bacteria, preservatives and dyes which make them look more beautiful and allow for them to be stored for longer periods of time.
Yellow and green apples don’t sell as fast as red apples and we are programmed from young to believe that apples are truly red. 
The preservative used to make the fruit look fresher is called diphenylamine and lab tests done on various types of apples found that they contained residue from at least 4 different pesticides. Diphenylamine treated fruit produce nitrosamines, a reaction from nitrogen production and the longer fruit is on the shelf the more nitrosamines will be produced. This has been a known carcinogen since 1998 and nitrosamine contamination is linked to esophageal and stomach cancer.
Other chemicals found on apples include Chlorpyrifos – linked to nervous system damage, paralysis and death in high doses. Captan, a fungicide can also be found in personal care products and vinyl – this causes conjunctivitis, dermatitis and gastrointestinal issues.

Scrubbing or peeling apples won’t reduce the risk of exposure to these toxic chemicals as they get trapped under the skin and absorb in to the fruit.

Other highly sprayed fruit include grapes, peaches, strawberries, cherries, nectarines, pears, bell peppers, raspberries, spinach, potatoes and tomatoes. These pesticides and fungicides have also been found in milk.

Apples Are Not Sacred Either

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