Alcohol diminishes consciousness.

It incredibly limits your ability to connect to your consciousness, your soul and the power deep within you. When you drink alcohol it casts a fragment of your consciousness outside of you – as it is a human vessel can only accommodate 1/3 of the soul energy inside of it as it is so much energy that if you had all of that energy flowing through you the entire vessel would explode. The other 2/3 of your soul exists in the ‘ether’ – in a field of intelligence around you like a Grid. We are energetic beings and all attempts are being made at this time to suppress that energy – because that is where we derive our power to create and fight back. It is this power which gives us superhuman abilities if our development is uninterrupted. Alcohol is one of the main ways that we are enslaved, oppressed, abused and made weak by the powers that shouldn’t be. There are plenty of people on the payroll who promote alcohol having benefits. Lies. We are sold the concept that alcohol is something we can enjoy as a reward.

A study I heard of recently said that 740,000 cases of cancer a year are linked to alcohol consumption 75% in men. Specifically.
100,000 cases of those were moderate drinkers.
People who only had 1 or 2 drinks a day made up the statistic of 41,300 people. USDA 2020 guidelines say that adults of legal drinking age should limit their intake to 2 drinks per day.
Alcohol is linked to cancer of the Esophagus, Liver, Breast, Colon as well as Rectal cancer and Pharyngeal and Laryngeal cancer.
Alcohol consumption in men is actually decreasing according to one study and yet the consumption is increasing in women and they are becoming the new targets for mass poisoning.

Drink responsibly they say. Why would you want to poison yourself daily, unless you really despise the experience of being alive?

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Alcohol Diminishes Consciousness

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