Overcome self sabotage, Improve your lifestyle & eliminate stress

Are you ready to triumph over challenges, overcome self sabotaging behavior & create something new and unique? Achieve fulfilling results – success, joy, prosperity, abundance and great mental health thanks to Jehan’s proven Transformation solutions.

Are you aware of your subconscious programming and consequential behaviors?

According to research in the cognitive neurosciences the conscious mind is creative and is responsible for free will and 1% to 5% of our daily actions are coming from conscious awareness. The rest comes from subconscious programming. This means that 95% to 99% of your day is coming from your subconscious programming. If you have negative programs, then for the majority of your day, you are self sabotaging. 

No Purpose = No Progress

Whether you want to reduce stress and overwhelm with no clue where to start becoming better, or you know exactly what you want to do, be or have and need help transforming your life from being “life draining” to “life supporting”…

You will find all the support and tools necessary to improve your life and health!

With the proven systems of CBT, NLP & Mindfulness, Jehan will support you lovingly in creating your desires.

What do you want? A Relationship? Health & Well Being? Financial Fluidity? Personal Transformation? You can change your life, overcome mental health challenges and succeed in less time and with less effort than you currently believe is possible.

You are here, which means you are already on the right path to a better lifestyle and health!

ADvance your thinking

People are never limited by their capabilities, they are limited by beliefs about their ability to learn and solve problems.

Nothing will be different until we find ways to change. If we are not on a daily mission to adjust our thinking, behaviors and current belief systems then we are likely stuck and in a cycle of self sabotage.

The more perspectives we can acquire now, the more balanced we can become in the future. Nobody knows it all or is perfect. Application precedes wisdom – we have to cultivate a mindset fueled by the willingness to change perspectives, challenge paradigms and expand awareness in order to relate to the world around us.

We Talk

As we talk, I assess your challenges where you are now and identify the possible solutions and outcomes you desire to reach.

We Take Action

Immediately we move in to action with the next steps you need to take and the tools you need to use in order to move in the direction of your outcome.

You Succeed

You look back on where you were and how far you’ve come knowing that you have grown in to a better, healthier and fulfilled version of yourself.

Meditation Retreats

Jehan’s retreats have been created so you can leave the stresses of daily life behind you and bring more inner peace, love and joy into your life.


Jazmin S.

“Thank you for helping me get past a period in my life that I did not think I could get through. I can not thank you enough! Not only did you provide positive wisdom and support, but you also went above and beyond and gave me the resources and guidance to become a much stronger and better person overall! You have changed my life and transformed me into a stronger being I never thought I could be! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping this lost soul out! You are incredible to say the very least!”

Nico G.

“For a very long time I felt as though I was going through life without purpose. I constantly changed my goals and eventually realized I had no set path in life. Taking Jehan’s class helped me realize what I wanted to accomplish and put me on the path to obtaining it. His method helped me realize what was inside of me all along, and I can’t recommend him and his course enough.”

Andy Keogh

“Its incredible how comfortable I felt with Jehan from the start of the session. He got to the roots of my problems quickly and helped me see them clearly, and then helped me to begin the healing. Amazing guy. I couldn’t recommend higher.”

Joanne Foster

“I had a session with Jehan today and my life has literally changed – I’m no longer in a holding pattern – his insight and connection with the universe is inspirational – I now have purpose with my own abilities on serving others. The grey area is gone! Thanks Jehan!”

Sharayah F.

“Working with Jehan without a doubt was divine timing in my life. Our paths crossed exactly when they were always meant to so when I chose to work with him the outcome was transformative. Jehan will not allow your ego to do the talking and, if it tries, he calls it out fast. And that is exactly what is needed for actual change. He provided the right balance of addressing hard truths within gentle guidance. We worked through clearing internal belief systems that were causing my own self sabotage, blocking my creativity, and withholding intimacy and love that were both within my reach and power. The shift was on a cellular level, and I felt it within days after our sessions. It was nothing I’d ever experienced in mainstream therapy. I could share so much more, but the biggest thing is, Jehan has a gift he needs to share to help others heal.”

Devin M.

“Jehan is such a wonderful facilitator for healing. I came into the session with an open mind and heart and I was crying within the first 10 minutes. He helped me identify core blocks holding me back from stepping into the next higher version of myself. After the session I felt so much lighter and had a renewed sense of why I am a healer in the first place. I highly recommend Jehan to anyone ready to rewrite beliefs no longer serving them. Forever grateful he was brought into my life!”

Grace F.

“Jehan taught me such valuable lessons and reminded me with kindness on how to be more mindful throughout my life. He held space for me, took the time to create a comfortable environment, encouraged me to open up and promoted healing.  Jehan is a wonderful soul and I highly recommend taking the time to get to know him. His sessions are filled with love and wonderful blessings. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with Jehan! I can’t wait for more sessions in the future!”

Get started with free resources

Know Your Values. Values dictate every emotion, action, reaction and thought. When we act in a way that is outside of our values, it causes tension in all areas.

Self awareness is one of the most powerful tools for growth that can be used by anyone. Learning to assess the causes of effects we experience breeds progress and reduces stress and mental health challenges.

We won’t heal from something that we do not know is there. Our belief systems live below the surface and dictate our outcomes in life.

Private Remote Sessions

Jehan offers private sessions for one-on-one training, which provide better flexibility with the timing and structure of the class. These private sessions offer a more intimate experience which Jehan can personalise to your specific needs.

Group sessions are also offered remotely. No more than 3 persons at a time to ensure that each person gets the attention they deserve.

These remote courses are conducted via zoom, or your preferred social platform for video calls and allow you to learn from anywhere in the world.

Email To Schedule A Session jehantwsattaur@gmail.com

Or Complete the form below to contact Jehan

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Have you ever experienced ET contact through a dream? @alan_steinfeld discusses this topic and more, including his book Making Contact, in the latest episode of Boundless Authenticity.

Alan believes that it is time for humanity to accept that we are not alone and that we need to transcend old paradigms to push our limitations beyond what is found in the mainstream. For Alan, disclosure is an inside job - meaning that we all have to wake up to our own potential as galactic beings. Alan recently wrote a book, Making Contact which is a great introduction to the subject of Extraterrestrial phenomena.

You can find Alan on Youtube at youtube.com/newrealities
at newrealities.com and follow on Instagram at @alan_steinfeld
Make sure to grab yourself a copy of Making Contact on Amazon

Listen To The Full Conversation Here:



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I highly recommend these if you are looking to grow in insight, mental strength and maturity.

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On this episode I have a very real and insightful chat with @ra_of_earth , a holistic coach who deals with everything from mindset, to psyche, to health and manifestation so that you can reach your highest spiritual self.

And of course... I asked a question about the effects of TV watching...

Visit raofearth.com or follow on Instagram @ra_of_earth



On this episode of I have a very informative conversation with Geraldine Orozco who is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation Instructor, N.L.P, MBSRT, Qigong Instructor, and owner of San Francisco based-Bay Area Meditation which offers virtual corporate meditation programs internationally.
Geraldine experienced a life changing inter-dimensional contact experience which resulted in the activation of psychic abilities of the multidimensional body and energy field. In 2017 Geraldine underwent hypnotic Regression Therapy. Regressions, uncovered a life-long history of contact. Geraldine utilizes her Medical and clairvoyant intuition to see soul fragmentation, Akashic Records, The morphogenetic Hologram in all dimensional layers. She Created DNA Reprogramming in order to reintegrate fragmentation of the soul.
@geraldine.y.orozco dedicates herself to the dissemination of knowledge of hybridization programs and the reexamination of the commonly held dogma of the human genetic timeline, historical record and healing of the human bio structure.


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Get tickets to Ascension Conference at ascensionconference.com

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On this episode of Boundless Authenticity I had a joyful and interesting conversation with @jenna_layden

Jenna Layden is the Founder of Star Family Wisdom, and a former Global Vice President for Whole Foods Market who has been leading teams and individuals through change and transformation for over 15 years. As an experiencer of supernatural phenomena and ET contact, Jenna has developed a passion for helping humans embrace a multidimensional reality without fear. Through those experiences, Jenna began remembering lives “off Earth” and is now focused on her mission in this life “to be a teacher of lost knowledge and wisdom from the Stars”.

Now a Master Energy Medicine Practitioner and Cosmic Guide, Jenna connects ancient wisdom, new mind-body science and Universal Spiritual teachings to assist people in navigating their healing and Spiritual transformation. After leaving Whole Foods Market, Jenna founded Star Family Wisdom, a podcast, modern day mystery school, and community, where she offers Shamanic Initiation, and Digital Courses on Spirituality, Shamanism, ET Contact, and Personal Evolution. Jenna has been initiated by the Four Winds Society and Q'ero lineage of Peruvian Shamanism, is a Certified Rites of the Munay-Ki Shamanic Initiation Practitioner and is a Certified Master Energy Medicine Practitioner. She is also a member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and is a passionate advocate for the indigenous communities and wisdom keepers who have been fierce protectors of humanity’s original wisdom.

► Upcoming Live Programs and Events | https://www.starfamilywisdom.com/events

► Free Resources| https://www.starfamilywisdom.com/free

► Rites of the Munay-Ki Shamanic Initiation | https://www.starfamilywisdom.com/munaygroupfeb

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I had the opportunity to speak with these fine gentlemen @theamishinquisition about what the subconscious mind is, what it does, how it rules our lives, differences in brainwave states, the function of brainwave states, cognitive distortions, emotional intelligence and so much more.

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I had the opportunity to speak with these fine gentlemen @theamishinquisition about what the subconscious mind is, what it does, how it rules our lives, differences in brainwave states, the function of brainwave states, cognitive distortions, emotional intelligence and so much more.

Get The Full Episode Here:

I had the opportunity to speak with these fine gentlemen @theamishinquisition about what the subconscious mind is, what it does, how it rules our lives, differences in brainwave states, the function of brainwave states, cognitive distortions, emotional intelligence and so much more.

Get The Full Episode Here:

On this episode of Boundless Authenticity I'm delighted to chat with Joan of Angels. @joanofangels has been assisting and guiding people for over 40 years, as a doctor of chiropractic and then as an Intuitive Guide. Joan's work has always focused on helping people live happier and healthier lives. Joan is also the author of several books: 30 Days To A Miraculous Life: Your Journal - Your Story - Your Miracle, Miracle Secrets Revealed - Dr Joan's Secret System to Attracting Prosperity and Creating Miracles in Your Life, The Miracle Makers Club - Live the Properous and Soul Filled Life that You Deserve, and Make Your Life A Miracle.

Visit joanofangels.com

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On this episode of Boundless Authenticity I speak with Phyllis Douglass (aka Vox Angelus, the “Voice of the Angel”) who is an Omnidimensional Sound Artist, Vocal Alchemist, Spiritual Healer, and has experienced Angels as messengers, guides, teachers, and protectors since she was a little girl.

Phyllis is a direct conduit for the consciousness of Elohim. She transmits the encoded Language of God's Light and the Love of Creation; through the performance of Vocal Alchemy Transmissions, Alchemical Art, and Written Word. The benefits of participating in her work includes personal and world healing, transformation, and spiritual transfiguration. She is one of few individuals truly capable of connecting, holding, and transmitting the intensity and pure consciousness of Elohim.

Evolutionary Grace Website: www.phyllisdouglass.com

Sacred Artifacts & Spiritual Healing Tools: www.alchemicalsacreds.com

Music: www.voxangelus.bandcamp.com

Get The Full Episode Here:



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Boundless Authenticity is excited to present the Portal To Ascension Series of episodes. @portaltoascension

The Portal to Ascension Conference will be held April 21st to 23rd, 2023 at Marina Village Conference Center San Diego, California.

Discover Ancient Origins, Uncover Hidden Truths and Recover Your True Identity with guest speakers Alan Steinfeld, JJ & Desiree Hurtak, Linda Moulton Howe, Robert Schoch, Caroline Cory, Robert Edward Grant, Barbara Lamb, Michael Cremo, Ra of Earth, Adam Apollo, Neil Gaur, Joan of Angels, Jon Block, Debra Gusti, Michelle Anderson, Eric Rankin, Geraldine Orozco, Chiraya Dharma, Laurie Wheeler, Torkom Ji, Lori Spagna, Tanjila, Jenna Layden, Sheila Seppi, Larisa Stow, Vox Angelus, Stargate Experience and Share The Light.

Get Tickets at ascensionconference.com

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The most important skill you need is HOW to process and let go of negative thoughts and emotions that create negative outcomes in your life.

How often are you going about your day and you experience something said/done by someone or you see it on social media/TV/in public and it changes your mood for the worse?

Maybe you suddenly experience crippling anxiety, rage or immediately feel drained and depressed.

This happens to so many these days and in fact can happen to anyone - because we are all human - and let's face it, this world will break you down without the right tools to handle it.

Most of us DON'T want to feel disempowered by normal life experiences. Most of us really don't have the energy to expend on these lower frequency states of being.

I'm Jehan Sattaur, CTAA Certified in CBT, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition and specialist in the area of Subconscious Self Sabotage.

A decade ago I was a complete prisoner to my own negative automatic thoughts and emotions - I decided to be DONE with it. I learned how to manage self sabotaging behaviors, handle negative automatic thoughts and beliefs and I am here to show you easy and effective ways to beat patterns of over-thinking, over-analyzing, replaying self defeating thoughts, recreating mediocre circumstances and a feeling of stuckness in everyday life.

Let me teach you what I have learned in 10 years of study, coaching and self-realizing the proven methods for overcoming tough emotions in my workshop on Friday, February 17th, 2023.

Admission $55 USD and Registration is EASY.

Send an e-mail to jehantwsattaur@gmail.com
Paypal Only - Limited Availability to 10 Guests
Meeting hosted on Zencastr, must have a laptop with Google Chrome or Brave Browser.

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No caption needed. ...

The ruling class poison you mind, body and soul to keep you fat, sick and dumb and living everything except your best life. There has never been a better time to change than now.

Thanks for this @davidavocadowolfe

Today's guest is David Whitehead, the creator of Cult of The Medics series of films. David is a martial artist, podcaster, freedom advocate and truth warrior. Today we discuss the dark side of Tibetan Buddhism.

Listen to David's Podcast: dwtruthwarrior.com
Watch Cult of The Medics: cultofthemedics.com
Follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/jehansattaur

Check out the episode here:


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