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Are you ready to triumph over challenges & create something new and unique? Achieve fulfilling results – success, joy, prosperity, abundance and great mental health thanks to Jehan’s proven Transformation solutions.

Are you aware of your subconscious programming and consequential behaviors?

According to research in the cognitive neurosciences the conscious mind is creative and is responsible for free will and 1% to 5% of our daily actions are coming from conscious awareness. The rest comes from subconscious programming. This means that 95% to 99% of your day is coming from your subconscious programming. If you have negative programs, then for the majority of your day, you are self sabotaging. 

No Purpose = No Progress

Whether you want to reduce stress and overwhelm with no clue where to start becoming better, or you know exactly what you want to do, be or have and need help transforming your life from being “life draining” to “life supporting”…

You will find all the support and tools necessary to improve your life and health!

With the proven systems of CBT, NLP & Mindfulness, Jehan will support you lovingly in creating your desires.

What do you want? A Relationship? Health & Well Being? Financial Fluidity? Personal Transformation? You can change your life, overcome mental health challenges and succeed in less time and with less effort than you currently believe is possible.

You are here, which means you are already on the right path to a better lifestyle and health!

ADvance your thinking

People are never limited by their capabilities, they are limited by beliefs about their ability to learn and solve problems.

Nothing will be different until we find ways to change. If we are not on a daily mission to adjust our thinking, behaviors and current belief systems then we are likely stuck.

The more perspectives we can acquire now, the more balanced we can become in the future. Nobody knows it all or is perfect. Application precedes wisdom – we have to cultivate a mindset fueled by the willingness to change perspectives, challenge paradigms and expand awareness in order to relate to the world around us.

We Talk

As we talk, I assess your challenges where you are now and identify the possible solutions and outcomes you desire to reach.

We Take Action

Immediately we move in to action with the next steps you need to take and the tools you need to use in order to move in the direction of your outcome.

You Succeed

You look back on where you were and how far you’ve come knowing that you have grown in to a better, healthier and fulfilled version of yourself.

Meditation Retreats

Jehan’s retreats have been created so you can leave the stresses of daily life behind you and bring more inner peace, love and joy into your life.


Jazmin, Brand Manager, Los Angeles

“Thank you for helping me get past a period in my life that I did not think I could get through. I can not thank you enough! Not only did you provide positive wisdom and support, but you also went above and beyond and gave me the resources and guidance to become a much stronger and better person overall! You have changed my life and transformed me into a stronger being I never thought I could be! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping this lost soul out! You are incredible to say the very least!”

Nico, Los Angeles

“For a very long time I felt as though I was going through life without purpose. I constantly changed my goals and eventually realized I had no set path in life. Taking Jehan’s class helped me realize what I wanted to accomplish and put me on the path to obtaining it. His method helped me realize what was inside of me all along, and I can’t recommend him and his course enough.”

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Know Your Values. Values dictate every emotion, action, reaction and thought. When we act in a way that is outside of our values, it causes tension in all areas.

Self awareness is one of the most powerful tools for growth that can be used by anyone. Learning to assess the causes of effects we experience breeds progress and reduces stress and mental health challenges.

We won’t heal from something that we do not know is there. Our belief systems live below the surface and dictate our outcomes in life.

Private Remote Coaching Sessions

Jehan offers private sessions for one-on-one training, which provide better flexibility with the timing and structure of the class. These private sessions offer a more intimate experience which Jehan can personalise to your specific needs.

Group sessions are also offered remotely. No more than 3 persons at a time to ensure that each person gets the attention they deserve.

These remote courses are conducted via zoom, or your preferred social platform for video calls and allow you to learn from anywhere in the world.

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✨I have the absolute honor of bringing to you for the very first time Fertility Shaman Cindy Jurado.

✨Shaman Cindy comes from a long line of indigenous healers who realized her path through a series of supernatural encounters which happened after receiving healing from indigenous elders.

✨You can find Cindy's book Igniting Within: A Hands on Healer's Tips for Awakening To your Highest Self on Amazon.

✨You can find her website soulsanctuaryblessing.com or follow @fertilityshamancindy on Instagram.

It is always the smallest decisions which will change your life forever.

☑️Putting self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors to rest means you have to be okay with living an "unconventional" life. Who deems it as unconventional? Those living mediocre lives.

☑️People who are outside of their power will cast their judgments on to you and try to suck you back in to chaos and mediocrity every time you want to change - it can be worse than your own ego.

☑️At the moment of death we regret the things we did not do and the time that was wasted. Self sabotage robs us of the things we DO want and instead keeps us stuck in a cycle of consequences we DONT want.

☑️Intelligence means nothing without courage and determination. So called "smart" people are notoriously good at making simple things hard to do. The concept of "not being intelligent" is a lie designed to keep you small.

☑️The people who never succeed or say they "can't" because they don't have enough time, money, resources or some other excuse - They ALL have made choices that are keeping them from doing what they say they would rather be doing. They don't know their values and they do not have healthy priorities.

☑️The most important part of any journey is the first step. From there you can take another small step and then another, and then another. Momentum is key - once you get it, it's hard to slow down.

➡️Allow me to help you get very clear on what is holding you back, how to change that and the direction you want to go instead.
DM me, or Email jehantwsattaur@gmail.com

🧠Without clarity on who we are at the core by understanding our values and our priorities we will take the wrong paths in life wondering why we seem to be moving away from everything that gives us joy, love and purpose.

✅Knowing your values helps us to make every day decisions and shows us exactly where we are doing life giving tasks as opposed to life draining tasks.

☑We all place emphasis on certain areas:

▫Financial Freedom
▫Physical Health
▫Every Day Life Routines
▫Contributing To Society
▫Emotional Wellness & Inner Peace

☑Each person will place emphasis on different areas, and some may not be able to fulfil all. When we can define which of these areas of life are truly important to us then we can dedicate focus which in turn create:

▫Greater Awareness
▫Gradual Improvements & Daily Learning
▫Balance In Life
▫Deep Inner Peace
▫Joy, Passion & Gratitude

✅Instead of having these experiences, many tend to self sabotage by procrastinating or doing things they know will hurt them - living the same cycles of disempowerment day in and day out on a loop for an entire life time. Many do not know what they value, and therefore cannot value themselves to take the steps and make the decisions they need to make.

Does this sound like you❓

#selfsabotagecoach #selfsabotage #mindfulnesscoach #leadership #authority

✅These people enable poor emotional health and destroy brain function by inundating you with poison pills and fake ideas about self love.

✅When you are extremely hyper focused on loving yourself then you don't have the energy or mindset to actually love anyone else and you are focused on your inadequacy - which then leads to projection on to other people.

✅The power to change is always in your hands should you decide to actually own responsibility for your problems and make active steps every day towards some vision for yourself - your self concept.

#selfsabotage #selfsabotagecoach #mindfulnesscoach

@deplorablejanet hung out with me and we shared some views on the way things have been going during the alleged "great reset" ...

✅You CAN heal yourself when you harness the power of your subconscious mind.

▫View the full episode of The Spiritual Gangster's Podcast on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2ubtF915wA&t=2937s

📨DM me to work with me on removing disempowering thoughts, beliefs and subconscious patterns of behavior keeping you stuck in life.

#selfsabotagecoach #healing #subconsciousmind #subconscious #subconscioussabotage #mindset

What Happens When We Dream? Theresa Cheung, Leading Dream Decoder, Author & Consciousness Researcher explains to us @thetheresacheung

Theresa Cheung has been researching and writing about spirituality, dreams and the paranormal for the past twenty-five years. She has a degree from Kings College, Cambridge University in Theology and English and several international bestselling books, including two Sunday Times top 10 bestsellers to her credit. Her Dream Dictionary from A to Z (Harper Collins) is regarded as a classic in its field. Her spiritual books have been translated into over 40 languages. She has numerous features published online and in leading newspapers and magazines and is fast becoming known as the celebrity dream decoder.

Theresa’s media appearances include: ITV This Morning, KTLA, Piers Morgan on GMTV, Today Extra, Russell Brand’s Under the Skin (ep 71) Buddha at the Gas Pump, Lavendaire, Listen Hunnay with Jeannie Mai, Workin on It with Megan and Ryan Trainor and decoding dreams live on ITV, Coast to Coast AM, Channel 4, and Capital radio.

Theresa has also given numerous workshops at venues such as Olympia, Alexandra Palace and The College of Psychic Studies as well as dream decoding talks for companies such as Anthropologie, Beauty Bay, Dynavision, Shisedio and Hearst Magazine group. She co-hosted the 2022 dream work summit for The Shift Network, works closely with scientists studying consciousness and has her own popular spiritual podcast: White Shores, as well as author pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Listen & Watch Full Episodes Here:




#theresacheung #dreams #dreamwork #dreammeaning #dreaminterpretation #consciousness #subconsciousmind #dreamdecoder #dreamdecodingexpert

Its never just a matter of "I can't"

-stop doing this thing
-using this chemical
-eating this food
-thinking this thought
-feeling this emotion
-watching the TV
-listening to music

✅People are subservient to their own faulty thinking.
It is 100% easier to yield to a false sense of comfort than it is to take responsibility for thoughts and emotions - even when that false sense of comfort creates pain.

☑Replace the words "Subconscious mind" with PERCEPTION DATABASE and you will understand that the things that we experience are based on perceptions held deep inside of us.

✅If we are not working daily to question the reasons why we do the things that we do or think the things that we think then we are living in a completely disempowered way.

☑You will come to find that our perception database is full of incorrect conclusions and assumptions about ourselves and the world at large.

✅It's more convenient to get caught up in the fleeting comfort of void fillers than it is to truly be human.

☑People have been deceived in to thinking that everything that is "normal" behavior in this world is something that they are entitled to. Entitlement is the underlying cause of poor emotional health.👀

The education system is a subsect of the global cult of disempowerment.

Schools use guilt, shame, fear to change the behaviors, thoughts and emotions of students.

Education has never been about empowerment. It has always been about information control, social control, thought control and behavior modification - To implant you with false beliefs about yourself and the world.

Education systems push out cognitively defective order followers who lack the ability to self reflect, self regulate or self govern.

Even Albert Einstein once said "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

Mind Control Made Easy | Cult Mind Control ...

📚Ever since I read the book The Children of Now by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey I have had an interest in crystalline children, indigo children, star kids and angels on earth.

🎙Now I have the great honor of speaking with Lynsi Eastburn who is a world renowned pioneer in the field of fertility hypnosis. Over 2 decades ago Lynsi created a program called 3Keys Hypnofertility which helps those struggling with infertility to increase their chances of having healthy babies and be able to realize their dreams of becoming parents.🙏

✅Lynsi is a board certified Hypnotherapist and has a master's degree in Depth Psychology and she began using hypnosis to facilitate pregnancy long before anyone else had even considered the benefits of doing so and has even created a certification program for others to learn how to do the same. She is also an author of three books on this very important subject.

☑Lynsi has been featured nationally on Lifetime Television Network, ABC and CBS News, on national and international radio programs including KOSI After Dark and has been a guest on Toronto’s Breakfast Television and Canada’s @Home morning show. On May 24th Lynsi released a new edition of Waiting in the Wings: Introducing the Pink StarLights which explains the process of guiding unborn babies looking for their mothers.

🎙In this episode we discuss topics such as:

✅Who are the Pink Starlights and what is their purpose?

☑The mission and the message of Pink Starlights

✅How Pink Starlights are behind tough fertility battles

☑Pink Starlights meditations

➕And we even go in to the difference between Pink Starlights, Indigo, Rainbow and Crystalline Kids.

✅Find Lynsi at hypnofertility.com and on Instagram at @lynsi.eastburn

➕And as always you can join my private telegram group at t.me/theboundlessauthenticitypodcast and follow me on Instagram @jehansattaur

📺The TV puts you in to a hypnotic brainwave state within seconds. A "sleep-like" state in case you ever wondered why it is so easy to fall asleep while watching TV. This provides INSTANT access to the subconscious mind - and you cannot reject any input to your brain.

✅TV greatly reduces your ability to critically think and instead conditions you to have emotional reactions to events due to the absence of rational thought. It achieves this by deactivating your pre-frontal cortex, the part of your brain responsible for analysis. Surveys conclude that regular TV watchers have very inaccurate and unrealistic perceptions of reality. TV is a perception management device and not for entertainment.

☑TV has been found over decades of research to be responsible for physical and psychological addiction. TV causes the body to release feel good chemicals which cause people to develop the neural pathways for addiction in the brain and they begin to look for substances to trigger a similar response like caffeine, alcohol, weed and others. In fact, a person who cannot watch their favorite TV show experiences withdrawal just like a drug addict.

✅TV literally DEgenerates your brain as thinking becomes minimal and research has concluded that TV watching is linked to dementia and alzheimer's.

☑TV causes a shorter attention span in general however it is responsible for ADHD in both children and adults. TV impairs frontal lobe development in children and causes limited impulse control. TV is responsible for anti-social behavior or other socially inappropriate behaviors as there is no ability to self regulate or self assess due to improper brain development.

⚠️Solution: Stop watching TV altogether and instead get out in nature, read, exercise or meditate - all of which create coherence within the brain and body and increase focus, strengthen critical analysis and regulate the body.

🗡DM to learn how to break bad habits like tv watching, coffee& alcohol drinking & toxic relationships.

#television #televisionprogramming #selfsabotagecoach

🍎Apples are also not sacred. This video is intended to scare you. The apples in this video are white apples being painted to look red. I know someone personally who works at a facility for 6 months out of the year spraying apples to turn red. ⁉️ How often do you investigate the food in your local grocery❓If it is at all possible please be vigilant about what you put in your body by eating locally grown produce & organic.

✅Apples are either sprayed with a chemical which turns them red or they are painted with a red wax coating containing fungicides, bacteria, preservatives and dyes which make them look more beautiful and allow for them to be stored for longer periods of time.

✅Yellow and green apples don't sell as fast as red apples and we are programmed from young to believe that apples are truly red and flawless without blemishes. Again, please choose organic & local farmers to be safe.

✅The preservative used to make the fruit look fresher is called diphenylamine and lab tests done on various types of apples found that they contained residue from at least 4 different pesticides.

✅Diphenylamine treated fruit produce nitrosamines, a reaction from nitrogen production and the longer fruit is on the shelf the more nitrosamines will be produced. This has been a known carcinogen since 1998 and nitrosamine contamination is linked to esophageal and stomach cancer.

✅Other chemicals found on apples include Chlorpyrifos - linked to nervous system damage, paralysis and death in high doses. Captan, a fungicide can also be found in personal care products and vinyl - this causes conjunctivitis, dermatitis and gastrointestinal issues.

⚠️Scrubbing or peeling apples won't reduce the risk of exposure to these toxic chemicals as they get trapped under the skin and absorb in to the fruit.

☣Other highly sprayed produce include grapes, peaches, strawberries, cherries, nectarines, pears, bell peppers, raspberries, spinach, potatoes and tomatoes. These pesticides and fungicides have also been found in milk.

👀Do you have any idea how many bananas you have eaten that were chemically ripened? Here is how to not make that mistake again.

✅Although most bananas in the supermarket would have been sprayed with something at one point there is a way to tell the difference between a chemically treated and organic.

✅Bananas sprayed with chemicals will have a green stem and dark brown spots forming on them. ✅Bananas with black stalks and virtually no spots, and even some green still in them are safe to purchase. The 🍌 on the right are good to go.


We made it up 🤷‍♂️ ...

That's right. You have been bamboozled and hoodwinked.

✅ The majority of bottled water is just purified tap water.

✅In the comments Name some brands that are not tap water besides Evian.

I think we are all tired of the same old debate about that thing that everyone is afraid of. I'm tired of wearing a f***ing panty on my face just to buy some bananas. Read all the scientific explanations as to why that thing doesn't exist and find out what is in the alleged solution to the problem right here: https://jehansattaur.com/it-doesnt-exist/ And please share this with everyone you know. ...

▪Always read the label. These dyes are wreaking havoc on you and your children. ...

The #1 question asked is "If there is no 🦠 then why are people getting sick?".

THIS is why.

There is an all out war for our minds and bodies. What you put in is what you get out.

The powers that should not be are poisoning you from every direction using:
✅EMF Radiation & Wireless
✅Processed Food
✅Filler Agents in Mass Produced Goods
✅Caffeine & Energy Drinks
✅Refined Sugar
✅Wheat, Soy, Corn

And you wonder why people are getting sick. Most people do not read the ingredients list. Some people actually think those fillers and preservatives are ok. Many believe the lies or take everything at face value.

If you want true wealth - great health - then you need to take personal responsibility for your life. Start with what you put in to your body.

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